About Mary Rulli

Mary Rulli lives in Archdale and has been a resident of Randolph County most of her life. A graduate of UNC Greensboro in Business and Psychology, Mary has been in the furniture industry for over 30 years, currently working for the International Sleep Products Association. Mary has served Archdale and Randolph County as a member of the Planning and Zoning Board, a Meals on Wheels Volunteer, a substitute teacher, a Democratic Election Judge, and now serves as the Archdale Democratic Precinct Chair. Mary is happily married and has two grown sons.



A strong public education system is the backbone of a vibrant economy and healthy community. It is a disgrace how quickly North Carolina’s public schools have fallen since Republicans gained control of the state legislature eight years ago. North Carolina now ranks 37th in the nation for teacher pay, 39th for per pupil spending, and dropped 21 places to 40th for student performance. Once a model for the nation, North Carolina’s public school system has become an embarrassing race to the bottom. Less than half of our students score at grade level in reading and math. Is this what you voted for?

Mary will fight to reverse this trend by supporting pre-k programs, increasing state funding for public schools and increasing teacher pay. It’s personal. It is not an option — we need change in Raleigh.


Uninsured = Unacceptable. Affordable and accessible health care is a basic right. Mary believes all North Carolinians deserve affordable health insurance. She will work tirelessly for policies that will support hospitals and healthcare systems, including increased support for mental health care and the expansion of Medicaid.

Lack of access to healthcare and North Carolina’s decision not to expand Medicaid are immoral and fiscally irresponsible.


The General Assembly is the least transparent government body in North Carolina. This is not new and needs to be changed. Citizens often receive only a few hours’ notification of pending legislation — making it difficult to become informed or involved — and public hearings on key pieces of legislation are rare. There is no defense for this.

Mary believes in open government for all issues. She supports:


Healthy Environment = Healthy Citizens. Protecting North Carolina’s natural scenic beauty, water and air are vital to the health of the citizens as well as the economy. North Carolina continues to rank as the sixth most visited stated for domestic travel.

Mary supports the N.C. Departments of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) work to keep our drinking water safe. In addition, she believes in the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation’s mission to inspire all citizens and visitors through conservation, recreation, and education.